DIY Wrap

Looking to give yourself a luxurious, at home, spa treatment? We're here to help! It's so simple; just follow the steps below and your skin will be thanking you in no time! 


+ Cell-U-Logic 3 Piece Green Coffee Resculpting System 

+ Plastic Wrap


Select the area you want to treat. You can slim your legs, back, stomach, arms and thighs. Follow the following wrap guidelines below.  

Step 1: 

Exfoliate with Cell-U-Logic Revitalizing Body Scrub

Step 2: 

Cover desired areas in the Green Coffee Slimming Gel and wrap. Massage enough product so it does not drip, but not to the point where it is completely absorbed. Apply plastic wrap to cover the targeted area, pulling the wrap firmly as you go. 

Leave on for 30 minutes. For maximum benefit, apply an Ace Bandage pulled taut over the plastic wrap and leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes. As an option, wrap yourself in a blanket and relax for 1-4 hours or overnight. The goal of the wrap is to encourage excess sweat to detox the body and remove water weight. 

Step 3: 

Remove plastic wrap and apply Cell-U-Logic Anti-Aging Body Repair Cream

Ta da! You're done! Comment below and let us know how your experience was!



Detoxifying Your Skin with Green Coffee

Do you know how nourishing green coffee is for your body? If not, we're here to educate you, because it's pretty amazing! 

Green coffee has high levels of polyphenols, fights free radical damage, and promotes rapid cell regeneration. So, what does this mean? 

High Levels of Polyphenols: Say what?! Okay- let's start with polyphenols. Polyphenols are compounds that are found in natural plant food sources that contain antioxidant properties, thus controlling the rate at which we age. 

Fights Free Radical Damage: Green coffee contains high levels of Chlorogenic Acid, which reduces the effects of free radicals in our body even better than green tea does! 

Rapid Cell Regeneration: Green coffee targets skin imperfection. When doing so, the new cells will help perfect skin while aiding your skin in achieving a firmer & softer look. 

Essentially, that green coffee is a miracle worker for your skin! Good news is, all of our products contain green coffee. Head over to our shop now to learn more! 

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Your Ultimate Shower Routine

Your Shower: The ultimate place to transform your skin 

Are you looking for ways to tighten, smooth, and firm your skin? Here at CellULogic, we offer an array of skin care products that will not transform your shower, but enhance your skin. I mean, who doesn't want nourished skin? 

Start with our Green Coffee & Seaweed Detox Exfoliating Bar:


Detoxifying and purifying soap that helps enhance circulation.


Retextures skin and boosts brightness. Exfoliates and refines with a refreshing aroma of unique citrus blends which transforms your shower or bath into a detoxifying and replenishing spa therapy treatment.

Want to take it to the next level? Try our Revitalizing Body Scrub: 


Scrub that provides deep, non-irritating exfoliation. Eliminates water retention.


Formulated to make skin appear smooth, supple and more toned with every application. A soothing wave of warmth is released as it removes dry, flaky skin, excess oils and residue revealing a youthful glow that is reflected in healthy, soft and vibrant skin.

Try these products in your shower and we can guarantee you won't regret it!