How To Exfoliate The Right Way!

Use Cell-U-Logic’s Green Coffee & Seaweed Exfoliating Soap as a natural agent to scrub those unwanted areas away!



There’s a technique to efficiently stimulate the fat burning ingredients in the bar of soap. It works!

Starting from the front:

  1. From the neck to the shoulders, stroke downwards
  2. From the arms to shoulders, scrub in an upward fashion
  3. On the stomach, make circular motions from the bottom abdominals towards the upper abdominals
  4. For thighs, rub soap upwards – towards your hip bones

Starting from the back:

  1. From neck to back and lower back, always scrub in a downward motion
  2. For arms, maintain that upward fashion as said before
  3. On the buttocks, scrub the soap upward – not downwards (gotta keep that firm butt)
  4. For thighs, keep that upward stroke

For a guide, here is a diagram for proper scrubbing using our exfoliating body scrub for smooth skin: