When it comes to coffee, most people are familiar with the pleasant aroma and fabulous taste.  However, unroasted coffee in its raw, original state offers more for the body than just enjoying a cup.
Green Coffee Beans’ potential comes from chlorogenic acid, a compound found high in amounts in green coffee, but once roasted this compound is destroyed.  The acid in raw coffee beans inhibits the enzyme that is responsible for releasing glucose (sugar) into the blood stream, as this happens the fat absorption rate is slowed.
Green Coffee Bean has been traditionally taken orally in capsule form.  However, Cell-U-Logic utilizes the power of skin absorption for faster entry into the bloodstream.  If taken orally, our bodies have to break down the nutrients and then filter them through the liver, before entering into bloodstream a process that can take 30 minutes or more. 
Cell-U-Logic uses the power of liposomes to carry the green coffee bean across the skin barriers and directly into the bloodstream, similar to a liposome drug delivery system.  By using liposomes to optimize the dosage, we are not wasting extra green coffee, by utilizing more for the bodies usage.