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What Are Cold-Process Soaps?

With the rise of 21st-century consciousness, consumers are gravitating towards transparent and clean products. Clean beauty and health-conscious trends are prompting consumers to fill their cabinets and shelves with buzz-word labels that read “clean,” “organic,” and “natural.” However, there may be one simple “clean” switch that many mindful consumers are overlooking: soap. Specifically, cold process soap...

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5 Reasons You Must Exfoliate For Beautiful Skin

Exfoliation is a critical aspect of skincare. Human skin is constantly regenerating itself. Old cells on the top layer of the skin die and are replaced by new cells that form in the lower layers. One of the best things you can do to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful is to make exfoliation a regular part of your dailyroutine

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Ingredient Spotlight: GREEN COFFEE

Did you know that coffee beans in their natural state, are not brown, but green?  Green Coffee can reduce the harmful effects of free radicals that show up as wrinkles, loss of tone, and dimpled, puckered body skin. It can even cure dullness and with its anti-bacterial properties, help to heal acne.

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Ingredient Spotlight: CHARCOAL

For an impressive array of beauty benefits from an unexpected source, think Charcoal. The Charcoal used in skincare products is ‘activated’ which means it is treated to remove impurities and then subjected to high temperatures combined with a gas or activating agent to expand its surface area, making it more porous than regular Charcoal

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