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Ingredient Spotlight: CHARCOAL

Ingredient Spotlight: CHARCOAL

For an impressive array of beauty benefits from an unexpected source, think Charcoal.

This is not toxic Charcoal from the barbecue. The Charcoal used in skincare products is ‘activated’ which means it is treated to remove impurities and then subjected to high temperatures combined with a gas or activating agent to expand its surface area, making it more porous than regular Charcoal. Activated Charcoal is not metabolized or absorbed by the body. It has a negative electrical charge that attracts positively charged molecules like toxins, chemicals and dirt and is proven to absorb thousands of times its own mass in harmful substances. 

Because of its strong powers of absorption, activated Charcoal has been used to treat overdoses and poisonings, improve kidney function, reduce cholesterol levels and detoxify skin and scalp, which is why it’s now found in a variety of skincare and beauty products. A highly effective cleanser, Charcoal is all-natural and won’t add harmful chemicals to your skin and hair when you use it.

The pores of our skin take a beating every day with all kinds of toxic micro-particles, environmental pollutants, bacteria, excess sebum, and dirt clogging them up. This build-up leaves skin looking dry, uneven and dull. Activated Charcoal helps by pulling dirt and harmful substances out of the pores to the surface of the skin so it can be washed away. Charcoal not only cleans pores, it also tightens them and makes them look smaller. 

In addition to drawing out oil and debris from the skin, Charcoal also exfoliates, providing a deeply detoxifying cleanse. It can even reduce oily skin and improve acne. 

When combined with Bentonite Clay as in Cell-U-Logic’s Charcoal & Clay Exfoliating Soap, it becomes super-charged to do its work even more effectively.

Bentonite Clay is an absorbent aluminum silicate formed from volcanic ash. It’s mineral-rich with calcium, magnesium, and iron and, like Charcoal, it has the ability to absorb harmful substances it comes in contact with. Clay helps remove sebum from the skin's surface and because it’s anti-inflammatory, it also has a calming effect and is especially soothing to the skin. Known as a natural purifier, Clay also treats rashes and helps heal acne breakouts and other dermal disturbances.

Charcoal and Clay have been used for centuries to detoxify and heal the skin and body. Together in our gentle body bar—and combined with organic essential oils and shea butter—they remove impurities, deeply cleanse and hydrate leaving skin soothed, refreshed and rejuvenated.


Cell-U-Logic Charcoal & Clay
Exfoliating Soap 

  •     Removes dead skin cells, revives and refines skin
  •     Stimulates circulation to helps treat sore, inflamed muscles
  •     Purifying properties reduce feelings of bloating and sluggishness 
  •     Contains essential minerals magnesium, calcium and potassium
  •     Refines skin texture, clarity and tone with an invigorating aroma



 Cellulogic charcoal clay Exfoliating Soap

Our Guarantee

Cell-U-Logic soaps are all-natural and made with the purest, finest quality organic ingredients available; chemical-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, synthetic-free, and never tested on animals.