Enhanced Cellular Science

Cell-U-Logic's Liposomal Carrier System

Here at Cell-U-Logic we asked the question, how do we get our skin to utilize our fabulous selection of ingredients?


Liposomes are a unique part of biology especially when they come in contact with skin. They are made up of two layers of phospholipids (molecules containing a head and tail) and in the middle of this bubble is a water solution. The uniqueness of these bubbles stands in its ability to transport and hydrate skin.


Once a liposome comes in contact with the top layer of skin, it bursts open allowing the pieces of the liposome and anything it was carrying in the water solution to penetrate into the next layer of skin (stratum corneum). Once this occurs, the lipid (fat) portions of the liposome create a protective barrier, prohibiting water to evaporate, or the ingredients to leave skin. This protective barrier allows for a deeper penetration of water and ingredients to hydrate, stimulate, and heal skin from further depths than ever before. This protective lipid barrier also protects the skin against external stressors such as the sun.


In a perfect world our skin would moisturize itself, but due to irritants we constantly come in contact with such as harsh cleaning products and our environment, which alters our skin's natural balance as irritants remove the lipids (fats). If our protective layer of lipids are removed, it allows water to evaporate easily, resulting in water loss decreasing the barriers' availability even more.


Using our liposomal carrier system allows our ingredients to heal and hydrate the skin naturally as if our own body was initiating the skin life cycle. As we continue to develop new and interesting ingredient combinations for your skin, you can be assured your skin will feel and look better with this new nano-biological discovery, the Liposomal Carrier System!