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Cell-U-Logic brings the best of nature and science together to create a super-charged and luxurious line of body products. It all starts with the recognition that cells have an inherent knowledge or logic of what is needed and efficacious so that when stimulated by key ingredients, they respond and improve. 

Cell-U-Logic is the only company offering an innovative body care line featuring the revolutionary technology of enhanced cellular science. Products are formulated with an advanced liposome delivery system to allow for extra deep penetration into the dermis to tone, strengthen, and firm. 

Only Cell-U-Logic uses the highest energetic molecule available in cosmetics for superior assimilation of active ingredients for maximum results.

An array of active anti-aging, herbal, and nutrient rich ingredients such as green coffee, argan oil, guarana, cocoa and shea butters and other botanical oils and extracts along with vitamins and minerals for toning, sculpting and smoothing to bring a new youthful vitality to the skin. 

Cell-U-Logic's Resculpting System consists of a Revitalizing Body Scrub, Green Coffee Slimming Gel, and an Anti-Aging Body Cream. This trifecta goes where other products do not, reaching deep beneath the skin's surface to smooth, firm and reshape the hips, thighs and buttocks. These products continue to replenish moisture, improve elasticity, build collagen, and resculpt your skin in three simple steps. 

Count on Cell-U-Logic for eco-friendly, sustainable and chemical-free products for your skin made with the finest organic ingredients; good for you and for the planet. Enjoy the feel and appearance of beautifully hydrated, revitalized, tightened and toned skin.