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Haute Green Beauty, Inc

125 Commerce Dr, Ste A

Schaumburg, IL 60173


Yes, they are made in the USA.
We carry 2 different sized bars. The regular bars are 4 oz and the travel sized bars are 1.25 oz
Our products are never tested on animals.
Yes, all ingredients used in the soaps are certified organic.
Yes, all our soaps are vegan
Yes, all our soaps are Biodegradable
We understand people’s concerns and we take our use of palm oil very seriously. We use sustainable palm oil from RSPO certified suppliers from Latin America, as opposed to the plantation palm oil decimating Malaysia and SE Asia. Please write to us using the contact form if you need further information.
No, our soaps are not made with animal products.
Yes, certainly. Our customers often write to us about how our soaps have helped their dry & itchy skin and how much they love our products. 
Our soaps were created with the body in mind but we have heard from our customers that they used the soaps on their face and it was glowing. We recommend being gentle if using on the face.
We usually do not recommend using the soaps directly on the face but we have heard from our customers that they used coconut soap on the face.
Our Soaps are not formulated to cure or prevent any medical condition but to exfoliate and enhance your bathing experience
The order usually ships the same day if it's a weekday but no later than 2 days.
No. All ingredients in our soaps are biodegradable and they do not clog the drain
You should see an option to enter the coupon code on the checkout page. Please note that some coupons are for first orders only and some do not work on bundles as they are already discounted.
Yes, absolutely. Infact, we get requests from SPAs all the time
Yes, please contact us at
At present, we do not carry samples but we expect to have and offer samples in the near future.
Cold Process soap making is producing soap from raw materials without adding external heat. Making soap using this method produces an extra moisturizing bar with better incorporation, retention of herbs/botanicals and a natural longer lasting bar. Cold Process method takes at least 6-8 weeks of curing period, removes unwanted lye, retains glycerin, and produces a denser superior soap with all the benefits of the ingredients intact
Unlike Synthetic & Chemical soaps, Natural & Cold Process soaps have to be taken care of properly for extending the longevity. Using a slotted soap dish and keeping it away from the direct spray of the shower will make the soap last longer.