Chocolate Lavender, Rose & Himalayan Pink Salt - 2 Pack

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This Valentine's Day, give your skin the look of Love with Cell-U-Logic Exfoliating Soap. We join together the best ingredients and marry them with the best intentions for a happlily ever after bathing experience. 
Treat yourself like someone you love. 
 Be-U-tiful Skin. ❤ Cell-U-Logic.


Each body bar is formulated with an exclusive blend of natural full spectrum herbs, essential oils and plant extracts…for all skin types and gentle enough for sensitive skin. Our 2 Pack "Love Birds" exfoliating soaps are jam-packed with beneficial antioxidants and phytonutrients to renew and revitalize your skin. All purify and encourage cell turnover leaving you with smooth skin and a smile long after your shower is over. 

  • Chocolate Lavender is anti-inflammatory, calms the nerves, and relieves tired  muscles. A luxurious indulgence for the senses providing a rich, relaxing bathing experience.
  • Rose & Himalayan Sea Salt removes toxins, hydrates, and calms the skin while relaxing the body and reducing stress with a gentle floral scent helping you release the cares of the day. 
For centuries, humans have used plants, trees, herbs, and fruits to heal the body and soothe the soul. Studies have shown that essential oils, plants extracts, and herbs can nurture the skin, help you relax and sleep or feel energized and invigorated. Their benefits go well beyond a pleasant smell, providing healing effects mentally, physically, and emotionally. So whether you want to wake up refreshed for a new day or deep clean and relax before bed, Cell-U-Logic’s Exfoliating Soap 2 pack will transform your shower or bath into an indulgent treat for the senses. Wash away your cares along with your dull, flaky skin to reveal a happier, more glowing you. Rose and Chocolate…perfect for for a loving gift.

Cell-U-Logic Soaps are chemical free (with no artificial anything), eco-friendly and are never tested on animals.